Transcend Anxiety | February 18

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Transcend Anxiety | February 18


Transcend Anxiety:

Are you part of the 40% of humans who suffer from anxiety? Do you feel worried, overwhelmed and stressed on a daily basis? Are you craving deep peace, freedom from worry and a release from your fears and overwhelming mental chatter?

Anxiety is part of my story. I didn’t ‘understand’ anxiety until I suffered from a panic attack in 2012 while teaching in Houston, Texas. My anxiety stayed with me like an elephant on my chest for 6 months. I woke up in panic, could not concentrate, did not sleep well and felt I was trapped in my body. At the time, I had no tools to manage my anxiety. Now, 8 years later, I merge western and eastern techniques to transcend my anxiety and release the built up energy before panic sets in.

In the Transcend Anxiety Workshop you will:

Learn the holistic techniques to release your anxiety and move your energy before it gets stuck in your chest.

Develop hands on skills to manage your thoughts and release fears before they build.

Practice powerful breathing exercises in order to transcend anxiety and release irrational worry.

Create at home practices and rituals to feel deep peace.


  • Sunday, February 18th
  • 10-12pm
  • Desoto Central Market
  • All Workshop Materials and Light Brunch Included
  • $58.00

Breathe. You’re going to be okay.


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