Deep Expression + Radical Self Love + Profound Compassion


your soul truth


3 month Heart and Soul Core Coaching Program

You’re here because you aren’t quite sure who to turn to, your life feels okay but the spark is missing. You’ve done all the right steps and you’re still wanting MORE. As much as you look out there for the answers, there is still something within you craving depth. You’re a rule follower and you care about people- sometimes too much. You’ve got compassion for others but do you have deep compassion for yourself? Do you know profound self love and worthiness? Do you truly know the REAL you? Not the you you’ve been thus far. Not the you who has been shaped by your accolades, your successes, your failures and the hats you wear. Not the you who goes above and beyond for everyone else and puts yourself last. Not the you who lives by the ‘shoulds’, the expectations and the pressures of society and others.

I’m talking about the YOU inside at a deep, core, SOUL level.

The you who doesn’t worry about what others think because she has a core self knowing of her own divine value and worth.

I am talking about the you who desires expression, vulnerability, raw connection and radical self love.

I am talking about the you craves being FREE, LIGHT and FULL.

I am talking about the woman BEHIND the mask. THAT YOU.

I understand the you behind the mask because she was me, too. For two decades, she hid and made sure all was “perfect” and held the whole world on her shoulders. She didn’t express or release. She felt trapped, suffocated, and under water.  

That woman behind the mask, she’s fierce and she’s flawed. She’s alive and she’s thriving. She’s scared some days and strong others. And she is perfect just as she is. She wants to come out for the world. Real. Raw. Authentic.

Are you ready to embrace that woman and let her be SEEN?


3 month program customized to your goals to bring you powerful results.

2 hour in person kick off intensive session including guided meditation and energy clearing session.

Option to include: reiki, astrology reading, sage clearing, crystal healing. 

5/ 60 minute bi weekly phone sessions.

Unlimited email access for questions + concerns

Investment: $888.00 paid in full or 2 installments of $444.00.



I work with:

  • Releasing perfectionism
  • People pleasing and developing the ability to say no
  • Anxiety and transcending fears
  • Releasing control and surrendering into the present
  • Expression of feelings and emotions in a healthy way
  • Cultivating self compassion
  • Comparison and healing from victim mentality
  • Developing deep self love
  • Creating rituals and spiritual practices for a holistic approach to body- mind- spirit
  • Slowing down to experience mindfulness
  • Breath work to regulate stress
  • Body image, emotional eating and building tools to cope in healthy ways
  • Vulnerability and heart opening to allow love to flourish
  • Boundaries and building relationships built on respect and honesty



Signing up for Marian’s Heart + Soul Coaching Program was the best step I’ve taken in my life. I was in serious need of guidance. Marian was genuine, honest and incredibly authentic. She taught me to embrace myself as a mom, professional and woman.

After years of struggling to find the right therapist, I found Marian. She made it incredibly easy, fluid and grounded to connect with her and share my inner fears, desires and hopes. The coaching program only improved with time. Every single session was powerful and truly life changing.

I am grateful to have had Marian as a coach and guide. She has an open heart and a wise soul. She is a warm, honest, and her passion for helping others is so apparent. I would recommend her to anyone!
— Mora S.
Marian’s coaching program has allowed me to establish personal and emotional goals, while providing me with the tools to meet those goals out of love for myself.

Marian is incredibly warm, encouraging and authentic, which allows me to feel comfortable and vulnerable. Speaking with Marian is like speaking with a life-long friend who knows me, understands me, and wants the very best for me.

Our sessions leave me feeling excited and empowered to make my life the best it can possible be. I feel stronger and better able to serve others because I am FULL.
— Kai R.