heart + soul workshops

This holistic and transformative curriculum empowers women to participate from their heart space through authentic connection, deep feeling, and open discussion to build a wiser, kinder and more REAL society. Topics include but are not limited to : mindfulness, courage, self love, body image, acceptance, gratitude, healing, joy, peace, manifesting, energy, anxiety, intention setting and meditation.  



HERE'S WHAt participants ARE SAYING

I honestly had no idea what to expect walking into The Zen Bird workshop. I am deeply grateful to Marian for hosting such a wonderful, empowering summit of positive energy and growth. The past 8 months have been filled with tragedy and change in my life and I have really been spending a lot of time working on my authentic self. I cannot wait to attend her next one.
— Laura S.
I have had the pleasure of attending 2 of Marian’s workshops. I am encouraged by her enthusiasm and courage in this life. Marian has inspired me to believe in my own dreams, think positive thoughts, and to choose to love myself. I need to challenge my thoughts, replace the negative with the positive, and truly believe in the dreams in my head and heart. She keeps me grounded in knowing there is so much to be grateful for in this life!! If you are looking for a way out of a funk or a place to connect with new and amazing women in your life, you need to check out Marian’s workshops!
— Erin C.
Having a mentor and friend like Marian is truly a blessing and having her shine her kindness, light, and support onto my life through the Zen Bird group has positively changed the way I view myself and has taught me to love myself. I now see the beauty in everything around me including within me.
— Kailee M.
Marian is open, raw and transparent. I loved the meditation exercise and self reflection questions.
— A. M.
Marian’s workshops host a mix of individual work and group discussion. She is clear in her presentation and leaves participants with an action plan. I found her workshop to be outstanding, well planned, smooth and filled with positive energy. It was a great boost to my day!
— Participant of JLP