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A woman with grace speaking truth, I facilitate the uncomfortable and offer the silver lining. My events leave your heart full and your mind expanded. Looking for me to host a customized evening of connection, facilitate a mindfulness seminar or speak at an event?

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Facilitation may include:


Meditation Seminar

Inspirational and Motivational Speaking

Mindfulness Presentation

Open discussions to build connection

‘Soft Skill’ Course creation

Vulnerable expression to enhance community

Energy clearing

Intuitive guidance and messages

Consulting to plan event or workshop

‘Soft Skill’ or Meditation Curriculum Design

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From businesses to families, true connection and profound presence is our pre requisite for a transformed and evolved society. Humanity is suffering, empathy is lacking and soft skills are required to write a better story of our future. It’s time we step up and change this script. Let’s write a new chapter, together.


Upcoming Events:


2020 Vision Board Brunch | The New Decade

January 25th, 2020 | 10:00Am-12:-00pm
CEntral Phoenix, AZ

A new decade, loves. It’s time to step into your truth, share from an open heart, root from the earth and rise up. Your soul is asking you to be brave. What does this decade have in store for you?


Breathe | An Evening of Intimate Connection

January 27th, 2020 | 6:30pm-8:30pm
CEntral Phoenix, AZ

I invite you to this event with the intention of coming home to yourself in a profoundly special way. We will breathe, release, hold space and connect in a way you've yet experienced.