Guided Meditation Circle | September 30

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MM_May 2018-17.jpg

Guided Meditation Circle | September 30


The cosmos are asking us to gather in community to release, restore and connect.

Join me and a community of light beings as we gather to release what is no longer serving our highest good, connect inward while connecting with one another, nourish our bodies and step into our divine light.

This evening includes:

  • Connection with spiritual women.

  • Fire ceremony to release what is no longer serving our highest good.

  • Guided meditation into deep relaxation and restoration.

  • Refreshments and conscious conversation.


  • Date: Sunday, September 30th, 2018

  • Time: 630-900 *ish* pm

  • Location: Zen Bird Home / Central Phoenix

  • Light refreshments served

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Notes from previous immersion experiences:

This immersion was an incredible experience! I was surprised at how I felt just to have a day to do something for myself. It was really deep self care. I find myself reliving the day, laying in your backyard with that peach pillow and the warm sun. It is a place I let my mind go to now when I am overwhelmed.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to know you :) My soul is growing! And you are guiding me. WOW - the tears just came again. What is that all about? They are not sad tears, it is hard to explain. 

I started writing in my journal with my favorite purple pen, (your gift) something I have not been able to do for years. I remembered how much I loved writing growing up, I had a diary than notebook after notebook, but then stopped, I just could not do it anymore. Now I can.
Thank you :)
-Karen C

Good morning, Marian! I wanted to share with you my experience since leaving the immersion and extend my gratitude to you for creating and leading us through a very special day.
I shared that much of the retreat brought up feelings around my daughter and overall my womanhood around pregnancy, birth, mothering. The sound healing was insanely powerful in these areas of my body, a sensation I couldn't ignore.
The reflection time gave me space to process this and it all came down to my daughter. Realizing how much I still carry pain around the challenges I've experienced since her conception.
The retreat allowed me to awaken to these very real feelings inside…but it wasn't until that evening that I could release them.
When I was putting my daughter to bed that evening I suddenly had an overwhelming feeling of knowing. I realized the purpose of the challenges I experienced with her were some of my life's greatest blessings.

Because of all of this I woke up. My daughter is my awakening.
-Kelly B.