Connected | April 2019


Connected | April 2019


Are you being called to deepen your connection with self and others? Are you ready to free your mind from old stories? Do you desire living from an open heart? Is it time for you to step more fully into your truth and expand on a soul level?

This 1 month course is designed for women seeking higher spiritual growth and deeper connection to self, others and the world. In this 4 week journey, participants will explore their depths and work through the 4 pillars of the WHOLE SELF: the mind, the heart, the body and the soul.

1 Month Course Outline:

April 9th: THE FREE MIND

Thoughts & Reprogramming. Participants will become aware of limiting beliefs and negative patterns/ programs running through the mind and develop the tools to reprogram the mind. Participants will use mindful meditation to release limiting mental attachments.

April 16th: THE OPEN HEART

Keeping the heart open and soft. Participants will navigate through understanding core wounding and cultivate tools of compassion and forgiveness to release stuck pain and energy.


Tending to the temple. Participants will tap into feminine sensuality and body love using the tools of yoga, stretching, movement and breath as the avenue to connect and land into the physical body.


Intuition as an invitation. Participants will acquire meditation tools and rituals to strengthen their intuition and develop fierce faith. Breath techniques will be utilized to transcend and merge with their higher self.

The Connected Course begins on April 9th, 2019 and is held in person from 6:30pm-830pm for four consecutive weeks in Marian’s home in Central Phoenix. Participants must attend all 4 sessions. This course is limited to 6 women. Please email Marian at if you have questions.

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