RISE | restore. inspire. surrender. evolve

Two weeks post RISE and my heart still swells thinking back to this profound gathering with 9 women. Rich with connection, overflowing with authentic sharing, sweet and buttery ease with layers pealing back as SOULS came alive. Depths of honesty. Releasing to let go. Stepping into power and transcending into the now. Present. Alive. Raw. Experiencing the essence of the divine.  Thank you to the 9 women. Thank you to the elements. Thank you to source. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  

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9 women. 6 hours. This was our deep dive into soul connection + spirit expansion. 

Our day started with a deep breathing exercise, a cleansing ceremony and intention setting. Sage + crystals for deeper clearing at home were gifted. 

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My dear friend Katie Hembrough of Katie Hembrough Yoga, led us in our 1 hour morning flow to tap into our body and connect with our inner power and intuition. 

Lourdes Silva led us through our Gong Healing and Reiki Energy Clearing during the practice. The release was powerful. 

All the elements were used to connect with our Great Mother Earth. She was present and supportive, deeply integrated in our healing. 

Devin of Nutrication Wellness made our meals throughout the day- they were supurb. 

Our afternoon consisted of a deep guided meditation, a candle ceremony, heart and soul workshop: deep soul love, and discussion with all 9 women. 

One of the most profound and special parts of the day was the 1 hour of silence for the women to do what their body, mind and spirit needed. Some women laid on the grass, some took a walk, others wrote in their journals and others took naps. It was exceptionally healing for the women who were so accustomed to 'doing everything for others'. During this time, I had a mini check in session with each of the women to process emotions coming up throughout the day. Release. Release. Release. Keep the energy flowing.

Every single woman walked away lighter, restored, connected and supported. This is the first of many deep healing immersions to be held in my home. The next is happening on June 23rd and seats are filling. I will see you there. XO, M. 

Pictures by : Mindy De Luca Photography

Marian Mellen