The Year Ahead. And Right Now.

Last week I attended a guided meditation for this year ahead- 2017. Again, another year passed, moments colliding and months accelerating. We landed here, now, in this moment- wondering where the year went? 

It went in our to do lists, our meetings, our 'must run here quick to grab the groceries I'm so behind' moments. It WENT because we were increasing the time and packing every.little.thing.into.the.last.moment. It escaped us because we escaped time. We tried to fit it ALL in and rush through our days to line up the weekend for 'happiness'- to get it done so we can have some fun. We were running on empty and forgetting to fuel ourselves before we gave away our energy. It caught up to us. 2017 has arrived and we are here. Another year to speed up? Move so fast we barely remember what happened or how we arrived in 2018? 

Do we want to spend our quality time mopping the floors and making sure everything looks so damn perfect? Do we want to continue the rat race of consumption, adding extra and chasing success even if it means losing who we are? Do we want to continue rushing from one place to the other never catching a breath of fresh air? 

Or do we want to enjoy the heck out of it? Do we want to actually LIVE our life? TO SIMPLIFY. Do we want to slow it down, sisters, and feel the magnitude of the 10 profound minutes we have in the morning to take a long, luxurious shower? Do we continue packing our calendars from the moment we awake to the moment we hit the bed- leaving no space for FUN, MINDFULNESS or REAL MOMENTS. This is SIMPLE yet significant.

You're on your phone too much? Turn it off when you get home from work for an hour. EMPOWER yourself. You're saying yes all the time? SAY NO. Ignite your core. You're feeling sick to your stomach about all the gifts you have to buy this year? Go gift-less and tell everyone you are sending out cards. You're rushing every morning in traffic? Leave early, have a cup of coffee and take a walk at work. INSPIRE yourself. 

I'm not exempt to this- more so the latter. I am a fast paced, move forward, progress, stuff everything into 24 hours kinda gal. I move at lightening speed sometimes and rush, rush, rush. And then.... I catch myself. I pause and say, "Marian... why the HECK are you rushing in the store, take your time." I take a deep breath and I use my five senses to bring me BACK. Back home. Back to the moment. Back to this present NOW.

2017, I'd like to linger this year. I'd like to slow down to move forward. I plan to pause to progress and leave SPACE in my calendar for the unexpected (and the magical). 

It's not about rushing through it all. It's about taking our time to truly EXPERIENCE this short and beautiful life we have here on planet earth. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder. So here it is, my friend. Your simple reminder for 2017:

Slow it, sister. 

xo, M.

Marian Mellen