Lotus Heart | Diamond Mind

Last weekend I flew to the redwoods of Northern California for a mindfulness retreat with MCYOGI and Noah Levine. I felt surrounded by love and compassion, our retreat focused on these topics while being present with feelings arising allowing them to move through and not become restricted.


Mindfulness is defined as PRESENT MOMENT, NON JUDGMENTAL AWARENESS OF THE NOW. It is landing in the body in order to create connection to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.  The sweet gift within mindfulness is COMPASSION. The gentleness and ease we allow ourselves to be in the experience. 


The retreat center, 1440 Multiuniversity, was nestled in Scott's Valley, CA and surrounded by 1000 year old redwood trees. I was immersed in the silence and the powerful quiet of mother nature's beauty and healing. 

The four parts of mindfulness are: BODY - physical sensations- landing in our bodies. SENSATION - pleasant, unpleasant or neutral- creating a dialogue with our sensations without judgement. MIND - becoming mindful with our thoughts- are we craving something, are we outside of the present moment, are we running from pain? TRUTH - find the strongest place in our center- our truth- of love and compassion. The softening into our center.  


Farm to table organic food. Blissed out stomachs at this retreat. Nourishment for our bodies. 


The tribe of souls attending the retreats offered were open and vulnerable. The connection I felt was entering from all cells- people, spirit, nature, teachers, energy and my higher self. My intention was to dive deeply into the present moment regardless of what activity was happening. Mindful eating, mindful speaking, mindful drinking coffee, mindful walking, mindful showering. Land in my body, let go of all outside and external of the NOW. SINK IN. 

Marian Mellen