Those High Vibrations.

There is something magical about walking into a room of women who speak your same language. The language of love, light, compassion, acceptance, vulnerability, expansion and depth. Women who are interested in thinking higher and feeling deeper. Women who are deciding to fill their cup for 2 hours because they wear alllll the hats- the mom hat, the confidant hat, the sister hat, the friend hat, the yes person hat, the 'always there for everyone and put everyone first hat'. Women who decide they are ready for a pause, willing to dig deeper and ready to release what is no longer serving them. 


The Manifesting Intentions workshop asked women to first pin point what they were ready to release. We each individually shared what we were ready to release and the feeling of resonation was from a place within each of us of deep understanding- that we too, have felt those feelings before. No one was alone. We were connected. 


Some of our responses went a bit like this:

  • I am willing to release fear.
  • I am willing to release fear of failure.
  • I am willing to release guilt.
  • I am willing to release being busy.
  • I am willing to release shame.
  • I am willing to release fear of rejection.
  • I am willing to release the need to make everyone happy.
  • I am willing to release self doubt.

There was love beyond the surface because we could feel the other person's light as much as we could feel the darkness they had suffered. Raw. Alive. Honest. Open. We built connection from one heart to another. Listening from our souls. A bridge between our spirits. 


It's a beautiful process of digging into release in order to find that light again. We moved around the energy of anxiety, worry, saddness, pain and suffering in order to make SPACE to feel freedom, love, light and gratitude. 


We then created intentions for the year ahead. The intentions were so beautiful to hear. Goosebumps as each woman shared her intention. They went a bit like this:

  • I intend to make space for myself to feel happiness and joy. 
  • I intend to let go of the false illusion of control and step into surrender.
  • I intend to release perfectionism and find balance and acceptance of my current season.
  • I intend to be mindful and release fear of the future and regret of the past. 

When women come together to share from their heart space, there is magic in the air. I am grateful for this experience and grateful for this current season of leading Heart and Soul Workshops. 


Table Scape & flowers: Meg of @darlindarlinaz | Photo Credit: Mindy DeLuca | Gift Sponsor: Katie Nolen of 

Marian Mellen