Mindfulness + Wellbeing

Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Facilitating the WHOLE HUMAN

Using the Heart and Soul Workbook, Marian leads participants into deep discussions about emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. The 12 chapters include: positive thinking, self love, body image, courage, change, creativity, purpose, compassion, peace, joy, acceptance and gratitude.

Every seminar and course begins with breath work and mindfulness meditation. Meditation is a key component to the experiences Marian organizes for universities, organizations, corporations and groups.

Marian has worked with large corporations, private and public universities and facilitated hundreds of staff members. Her seminars facilitate the whole human- nutrition, mindfulness, emotions, and movement.

Marian’s background is in Sociology, Education and Mindfulness. With over 8 years experience within the educational system ranging from K-12 to University along with three years as an executive assistant in corporate, she brings her expertise and heart to every experience she leads.

Marian joined our team for a seminar series: Motivational Monday, but what we received was so much more than just motivation. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our busy lives, but Marian reminded us that slowing down and being more intentional drives better results at work. This reminder allowed us to re-focus, prioritize and recharge. Because of Marian’s workshops we’re not only better employees, but better people, and that is something our company is proud of.

— Bailey Y. Media Consultant Cox Communications

Marian has been an integral part of the Junior League of Phoenix training program for the past 3 years as a mindfulness coach. As our members are active in their careers and within the community, it has been critical to offer this type of training to create a well-balanced lifestyle, allowing members to connect with their goals, foster healthy relationships, and empower themselves to become better leaders within the community.

— Ashley F. Trainings Chair Junior League of Phoenix

Marian has a gift for making all participants feel welcome and safe. She facilitates with ease, grace, authenticity and presence.

I loved going to a class where a young mentor relates so well with college students . Having Marian as a teacher and mentor is more important than anyone will ever know.
— - Natalie B. College Freshman
Marian is an eloquent, authentic and engaging teacher and coach. It takes a special person to teach you how to reprogram your brain to live a mindful life. I look forward to taking more of Marian’s workshops in the future!
— -Stephanie N. Executive Assistant
Marian’s workshops are incredible. Marian’s authenticity is so freaking cool and inspiring! She really lives it!
— Erin C. Physician Assistant
Marian creates a wonderful, stress free atmosphere and I truly enjoyed the topics covered. The evening spent with Marian relieved some of the stress of everyday life.
— Kiwee M. Entrepreneur
Marian’s workshop was inspiring, influential and built on trust. Participants could talk about any issues and feel comfortable. Marian lightens up the room with positivity and humor. She has changed so many women’s lives and has made a profound impact on my personal, social and emotional life.
— Danica K. College Freshman

Marian Mellen