Reflections + What's Ahead

Mmmm. In reflection, I witness the beauty of surrender. I have let my whispers lead me and when I step out of my own way, the universe makes magic.

I look back on the workshops I started in 2015! I remember the feeling of excitement and fear as I hosted my very first solo workshop. A handful of women attended. I remember leaving saying, YES. This feels aligned (and scary, will people really show up and buy tickets!?). I continued to follow this whisper. Grateful I did.

2016 happened and I continued to follow my inner guidance to host events for women to connect. I created lessons and facilitated discussions on themes I felt were the ‘soft skills’ and should be taught in society. I started with self love, moved into courage, change, peace and creativity. Little did I know, I was building a curriculum that would later be published into a workbook. Again, trusting the inner wisdom. No map- just my own guidance.

I also worked with schools, dance studios, organizations and corporations. I facilitated deep discussions about authentic living and created safe space for joy, peace, healing and love to enter. I was gifted connection to hundreds of humans from all walks of life.

2017 rolled around and I hosted 70+ workshops throughout the valley with the Heart and Soul Curriculum (now turned into workbook). Hundreds of women showed up to connect with their soul self and deepen their connection to others. Tears were shed, laughter embraced, hearts opened.

And then 2018 as I continued down my path of growth. My workshops shifted from discussion based to action based. Immersion style and integration of soul self. I hosted events in my home for women to truly be able to take off their hats and land in their bodies. Deep healing happened and so did expansion.

As I reflect on the past few years, I laugh a bit to myself. I see myself sitting in my kitchen last year tears streaming down my face, “am I serving the world enough? am I on the right path?” It’s pretty apparent that I am. Just like you, I need time to reflect on the growth I have had. I need a gentle reminder to myself that YES, Marian, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Keep on truckin’ babe. You got this.

2019 can be summed up in the pictures below. This is my vision. More connection, less clutter. More joy, less fluff. More depth, less surface. More trust, less fear. More stillness, less stimulation. More nourishment, less processed. More education, less numbing. More truth, less illusion. More love, more love, more love.

Marian Mellen