Mindfulness + Wellbeing

Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Teaching the WHOLE HUMAN

Using the Heart and Soul Workbook, Marian leads participants into deep discussions and connection. The 12 chapters include: positive thinking, self love, body image, courage, change, creativity, purpose, compassion, peace, joy, acceptance and gratitude.

Every seminar and course begins with breath work and mindfulness meditation. Meditation is a key component to the experiences Marian organizes for universities, organizations and groups.

Marian has led hundreds of workshops to groups and organizations. Her background is in Sociology, Education and Mindfulness. With over 8 years experience within the educational system ranging from K-12 to University, she brings her expertise and heart to every experience she leads.

Marian joined our team for a seminar series: Motivational Monday, but what we received was so much more than just motivation. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our busy lives, but Marian reminded us that slowing down and being more intentional drives better results at work. This reminder allowed us to re-focus, prioritize and recharge. Because of Marian’s workshops we’re not only better employees, but better people, and that is something our company is proud of.

— Bailey Y. Media Consultant Cox Communications

Marian has been an integral part of the Junior League of Phoenix training program for the past 3 years as a mindfulness coach. As our members are active in their careers and within the community, it has been critical to offer this type of training to create a well-balanced lifestyle, allowing members to connect with their goals, foster healthy relationships, and empower themselves to become better leaders within the community.

— Ashley F. Trainings Chair Junior League of Phoenix

Marian has a gift for making all participants feel welcome and safe. She facilitates with ease, grace, authenticity and presence.

I loved going to a class where a young mentor relates so well with college students . Having Marian as a teacher and mentor is more important than anyone will ever know.
— - Natalie B. College Freshman
Marian is an eloquent, authentic and engaging teacher and coach. It takes a special person to teach you how to reprogram your brain to live a mindful life. I look forward to taking more of Marian’s workshops in the future!
— -Stephanie N. Executive Assistant
Marian’s workshops are incredible. Marian’s authenticity is so freaking cool and inspiring! She really lives it!
— Erin C. Physician Assistant
Marian creates a wonderful, stress free atmosphere and I truly enjoyed the topics covered. The evening spent with Marian relieved some of the stress of everyday life.
— Kiwee M. Entrepreneur
Marian’s workshop was inspiring, influential and built on trust. Participants could talk about any issues and feel comfortable. Marian lightens up the room with positivity and humor. She has changed so many women’s lives and has made a profound impact on my personal, social and emotional life.
— Danica K. College Freshman

Reflections + What's Ahead

Mmmm. In reflection, I witness the beauty of surrender. I have let my whispers lead me and when I step out of my own way, the universe makes magic.

I look back on the workshops I started in 2015! I remember the feeling of excitement and fear as I hosted my very first solo workshop. A handful of women attended. I remember leaving saying, YES. This feels aligned (and scary, will people really show up and buy tickets!?). I continued to follow this whisper. Grateful I did.

2016 happened and I continued to follow my inner guidance to host events for women to connect. I created lessons and facilitated discussions on themes I felt were the ‘soft skills’ and should be taught in society. I started with self love, moved into courage, change, peace and creativity. Little did I know, I was building a curriculum that would later be published into a workbook. Again, trusting the inner wisdom. No map- just my own guidance.

I also worked with schools, dance studios, organizations and corporations. I facilitated deep discussions about authentic living and created safe space for joy, peace, healing and love to enter. I was gifted connection to hundreds of humans from all walks of life.

2017 rolled around and I hosted 70+ workshops throughout the valley with the Heart and Soul Curriculum (now turned into workbook). Hundreds of women showed up to connect with their soul self and deepen their connection to others. Tears were shed, laughter embraced, hearts opened.

And then 2018 as I continued down my path of growth. My workshops shifted from discussion based to action based. Immersion style and integration of soul self. I hosted events in my home for women to truly be able to take off their hats and land in their bodies. Deep healing happened and so did expansion.

As I reflect on the past few years, I laugh a bit to myself. I see myself sitting in my kitchen last year tears streaming down my face, “am I serving the world enough? am I on the right path?” It’s pretty apparent that I am. Just like you, I need time to reflect on the growth I have had. I need a gentle reminder to myself that YES, Marian, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Keep on truckin’ babe. You got this.

2019 can be summed up in the pictures below. This is my vision. More connection, less clutter. More joy, less fluff. More depth, less surface. More trust, less fear. More stillness, less stimulation. More nourishment, less processed. More education, less numbing. More truth, less illusion. More love, more love, more love.

Lotus Heart | Diamond Mind

Last weekend I flew to the redwoods of Northern California for a mindfulness retreat with MCYOGI and Noah Levine. I felt surrounded by love and compassion, our retreat focused on these topics while being present with feelings arising allowing them to move through and not become restricted.


Mindfulness is defined as PRESENT MOMENT, NON JUDGMENTAL AWARENESS OF THE NOW. It is landing in the body in order to create connection to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.  The sweet gift within mindfulness is COMPASSION. The gentleness and ease we allow ourselves to be in the experience. 


The retreat center, 1440 Multiuniversity, was nestled in Scott's Valley, CA and surrounded by 1000 year old redwood trees. I was immersed in the silence and the powerful quiet of mother nature's beauty and healing. 

The four parts of mindfulness are: BODY - physical sensations- landing in our bodies. SENSATION - pleasant, unpleasant or neutral- creating a dialogue with our sensations without judgement. MIND - becoming mindful with our thoughts- are we craving something, are we outside of the present moment, are we running from pain? TRUTH - find the strongest place in our center- our truth- of love and compassion. The softening into our center.  


Farm to table organic food. Blissed out stomachs at this retreat. Nourishment for our bodies. 


The tribe of souls attending the retreats offered were open and vulnerable. The connection I felt was entering from all cells- people, spirit, nature, teachers, energy and my higher self. My intention was to dive deeply into the present moment regardless of what activity was happening. Mindful eating, mindful speaking, mindful drinking coffee, mindful walking, mindful showering. Land in my body, let go of all outside and external of the NOW. SINK IN. 

RISE | restore. inspire. surrender. evolve

Two weeks post RISE and my heart still swells thinking back to this profound gathering with 9 women. Rich with connection, overflowing with authentic sharing, sweet and buttery ease with layers pealing back as SOULS came alive. Depths of honesty. Releasing to let go. Stepping into power and transcending into the now. Present. Alive. Raw. Experiencing the essence of the divine.  Thank you to the 9 women. Thank you to the elements. Thank you to source. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  

180421_RISE Workshop_202_1488.jpg

9 women. 6 hours. This was our deep dive into soul connection + spirit expansion. 

Our day started with a deep breathing exercise, a cleansing ceremony and intention setting. Sage + crystals for deeper clearing at home were gifted. 

180421_RISE Workshop_108_1280.jpg

My dear friend Katie Hembrough of Katie Hembrough Yoga, led us in our 1 hour morning flow to tap into our body and connect with our inner power and intuition. 

Lourdes Silva led us through our Gong Healing and Reiki Energy Clearing during the practice. The release was powerful. 

All the elements were used to connect with our Great Mother Earth. She was present and supportive, deeply integrated in our healing. 

Devin of Nutrication Wellness made our meals throughout the day- they were supurb. 

Our afternoon consisted of a deep guided meditation, a candle ceremony, heart and soul workshop: deep soul love, and discussion with all 9 women. 

One of the most profound and special parts of the day was the 1 hour of silence for the women to do what their body, mind and spirit needed. Some women laid on the grass, some took a walk, others wrote in their journals and others took naps. It was exceptionally healing for the women who were so accustomed to 'doing everything for others'. During this time, I had a mini check in session with each of the women to process emotions coming up throughout the day. Release. Release. Release. Keep the energy flowing.

Every single woman walked away lighter, restored, connected and supported. This is the first of many deep healing immersions to be held in my home. The next is happening on June 23rd and seats are filling. I will see you there. XO, M. 

Pictures by : Mindy De Luca Photography

Those High Vibrations.

There is something magical about walking into a room of women who speak your same language. The language of love, light, compassion, acceptance, vulnerability, expansion and depth. Women who are interested in thinking higher and feeling deeper. Women who are deciding to fill their cup for 2 hours because they wear alllll the hats- the mom hat, the confidant hat, the sister hat, the friend hat, the yes person hat, the 'always there for everyone and put everyone first hat'. Women who decide they are ready for a pause, willing to dig deeper and ready to release what is no longer serving them. 


The Manifesting Intentions workshop asked women to first pin point what they were ready to release. We each individually shared what we were ready to release and the feeling of resonation was from a place within each of us of deep understanding- that we too, have felt those feelings before. No one was alone. We were connected. 


Some of our responses went a bit like this:

  • I am willing to release fear.
  • I am willing to release fear of failure.
  • I am willing to release guilt.
  • I am willing to release being busy.
  • I am willing to release shame.
  • I am willing to release fear of rejection.
  • I am willing to release the need to make everyone happy.
  • I am willing to release self doubt.

There was love beyond the surface because we could feel the other person's light as much as we could feel the darkness they had suffered. Raw. Alive. Honest. Open. We built connection from one heart to another. Listening from our souls. A bridge between our spirits. 


It's a beautiful process of digging into release in order to find that light again. We moved around the energy of anxiety, worry, saddness, pain and suffering in order to make SPACE to feel freedom, love, light and gratitude. 


We then created intentions for the year ahead. The intentions were so beautiful to hear. Goosebumps as each woman shared her intention. They went a bit like this:

  • I intend to make space for myself to feel happiness and joy. 
  • I intend to let go of the false illusion of control and step into surrender.
  • I intend to release perfectionism and find balance and acceptance of my current season.
  • I intend to be mindful and release fear of the future and regret of the past. 

When women come together to share from their heart space, there is magic in the air. I am grateful for this experience and grateful for this current season of leading Heart and Soul Workshops. 


Table Scape & flowers: Meg of @darlindarlinaz | Photo Credit: Mindy DeLuca https://www.facebook.com/mindydelucaphoto/www.MindyDeLuca.com | Gift Sponsor: Katie Nolen of @hippie.oil.dealer 

A Privileged Society in Search of Joy.

Joy can seem unreachable in the midst of pain and suffering. Our hearts may choose to close off to joy but it isn't lost. Joy is part of our human existence and it lives deep within our spirits and our souls. The lightness of joy is always available for us- we simply have to go through the pain to feel it. 

I had a heartfelt conversation with a friend who had recently taken a trip to Africa. She arrived back with a profound sense of gratitude and joy in her heart. She shared about the trip and we both cried feeling the connection of life and the beauty of joy. Joy overcomes the darkness. On her trip she noticed the abundant joy radiating from the children she worked with. These are human beings who are living in extreme poverty; yet, will give you anything they have to make you feel invited and welcomed. Their joy did not hinge on external material items and it did not rejoice in consumption. Their joy radiated from their SOULS and it took the 'have not' to the 'have'. It replaced victim mentality and celebrated the life they are blessed to have, coming down and centering into this precious moment. They laughed, danced, sang and were vibrant with their stories- soul connection was at their core. You could feel LIFE moving from their spirits. I remember this feeling after living in Mexico. I FELT the core of life move through the people of the village I was living in and I knew to my core JOY was fundamentally built upon mindfulness, gratitude and connection to self, others and spirit. Even in the darkness, it was present.

In today's society in the USA, we are in constant search of joy and happiness. And we "have it all!" We have food in the fridge, water running in our homes and cars driving us to workshops like these. There was a lot of tough love in this week's JOY Workshop. We came down into gratitude and fully embraced the privilege we have being born into this country. Freedom. Opportunities. Resources. Love. 


This weekend's JOY Workshop touched on the ways in which we can cultivate joy in our lives and how JOY can feel different for every person. 


We began the workshop with an introduction of our personal relationship with JOY. For many women, this was their first workshop and the energy was eager and open. 


We then continued with a 5 minute breathing exercise to ground into mother earth, clear space and set intentions for the new moon cycle ahead.  


Following this, all women were asked what joy felt like to them. Some examples were: 

  • Lightness
  • Freedom
  • Peaceful
  • Grounded
  • Alive
  • Vibrant
  • Calm

The lesson of the workshop had a mix of tough love, self love, mindfulness, and personal stories.


The big question: HOW DO I CULTIVATE JOY? See the ideas below and give one a try this month:

  • FEEL your emotions. This one is SOOOO important and it will ALWAYS be important. 
  • Release emotions. This could be in the form of talking, crying, laughing, dancing, chanting, singing, screaming or writing.
  • Get down with the present moment and immerse yourself into it. To create a mindful moment, check in with your senses: what do you see? What do you feel? What do you taste? What do you hear? Pause long enough to experience each sensation.
  • Focus with clarity how you will fill your cup and add more of the joy feeling into your life. ASK YOURSELF QUESTIONS: am I spending my time doing what fuels me? Do I have purpose? Do I find meaning in my relationships? Be real with yourself. 
  • Get grateful. Always, always, always realize you are priviledged in this society. Look around the world *or even out into your neighborhood* and realize the privledge you have to have food in your fridge and running water. 
  • Join a group of women to SUPPORT you on your journey. The Heart and Soul fall workshop lineup is a great place to connect with inspiring and authentic women. 

What will you commit to doing in order to add more joy into your life this month?

Table Scape & Gifts: Meg of @darlindarlinaz | Photo Credit: Mindy DeLuca https://www.facebook.com/mindydelucaphoto/www.MindyDeLuca.com | Gift Sponsors: Chelsea of @slatherbotanicals 

Six months of darkness- my run in with anxiety.

Anxiety is a force that can shatter our once peaceful minds and turn our lives upside down. We may feel as if the rug has been ripped from underneath us. My first bought of anxiety came when I taught inner city high school right out of college. My fear of inadequacy roared and my heart pounded with terror of the big F word: FAILURE. Six months of panic attacks, sleepless nights, paralysis of the mind and intense fear left me shook to the bone. I lost 15 pounds, felt like a zombie and walked around with the feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest.

I had to find my grounding again to begin the healing process. I had to PAUSE for peace and sink into the present moment- the only one I truly had. I went to gospel churches, sang my lungs out and cried until their were no tears left. I attended spiritual healings and called every soulful friend for any type of wisdom.  I was ripped apart and felt unable to break through this feeling of suffocation. I could not find the "fix" to my anxiety. I didn't realize it then, but I had to lean into the feelings in order for them to pass. I couldn't resist this, only let it pass. 

This six month period was in 2012. I came out of this dark place after finding my grounding on my quiet farm in Wisconsin. I had to sink into STILLNESS to come back home to my heart. I now monitor my energetic body and check in with my level of peace. I have a fragile nervous system and am vigilant on creating a calming environment for my rest and the release of my emotions. I realize the power in NOT DOING and find myself connecting more and more to the present moment. Mindfulness in action.

Symptoms of anxiety can include: 

  • A feeling of an elephant sitting on your chest making it hard to breathe.
  • Sweating.
  • Pounding heart. 
  • Dizziness.
  • Upset stomach/ sick to your stomach.
  • Feeling very cold/ chills.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Not remembering conversations.
  • Feeling impending doom is coming.
  • Feeling of fear creeping up.
  • Constant worry.
  • Blank mind.

This list is not inclusive of symptoms caused by anxiety, but many of the above were brought up in this morning's Heart and Soul Workshop: PEACE. 


This morning, 16 women gathered at Desoto Central Market for the PEACE workshop. With the new moon in Leo, we had a lively group of laughter mixed with engaged conversation. The women were eager to connect and embrace one another. We began the workshop with an introduction of our personal relationship with PEACE. For many women, this was their first workshop and the energy was healing.

We then continued with a 15 minute visualization meditation and set our month intentions:  I AM GROUNDED. I AM SAFE. I CHOOSE PEACE.


Following this, all women shared their stories, and the space was open for emotions and authentic connection. A lot of laughter in this group!! I loved the energy!!

The lesson of the workshop had a few key takeaway points, including insights from many of the women. 

The big question: HOW DO I FIND AND EMBRACE PEACE? See our nuggets below to try for yourself. 

  • Ask yourself: what do I worry about the most? Secondly, ask yourself- is this something I can change? If the answer is YES > develop a plan to change. If the answer is NO > practice self care and release your emotions. 
  • FEEL your emotions. Lean into the discomfort. We cannot skip this crucial step!
  • Release emotions. This could be in the form of talking, crying, laughing, dancing, chanting, singing, screaming or writing.
  • Make SPACE in your daily routine to connect and find stillness. This could be 5-10 minutes every morning of journaling, reading, meditating or breathing.
  • Do what makes you feel peaceful- make it a priority. Perhaps this is riding in the car without music or heading to yoga after work. There is a lot of TOUGH LOVE that happens at workshops and I hold all women accountable for their intentions. 
  • Join a group of women to SUPPORT you on your journey. The Heart and Soul fall workshop lineup is a great place to connect with inspiring and authentic women. 

What will you commit to doing in order to add more peace into your life this month?

Table Scape & Gifts: Meg of @darlindarlinaz | Photo Credit: Britt Johnson | Gift Sponsors: Lisa of @beyoujewelry and Amanda of @sunnybrookeco. 

When fear wraps around your heart.

Fear has a way dissolving our courage. Deep rooted fears can morph our thoughts, alter our energetic bodies, and bring us into a downward spiral of anxiety, sadness, and pain. These underlying fears are part of our human makeup, and we are not alone in these feelings. Many people suffer from fears of many forms:

  • Fear of abandonment
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of losing autonomy
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of betrayal 
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of disappointing others

This list is not inclusive of all fears we may experience, but many of the above were brought up in this morning's Heart and Soul Workshop: COURAGE. 

This morning, 16 women gathered at Desoto Central Market for the COURAGE workshop. We embraced one another while connecting through our heart spaces. All women were open and honest about how they felt fear presented itself within their lives. We are NOT alone in our fear! So often, we feel as though we are standing on an island, but Heart and Soul Workshops proves this is not the case. We are living within the human experience, and fear is part of our growth and our story. 

Starting the workshop, we grounded ourselves with a breathing exercise and powerful intentions for the class ahead: I AM COURAGEOUS. I AM BRAVE. I AM FREE.

Following this, all women shared their stories, and the space was open for emotions and authentic connection.

The lesson of the workshop had a few key takeaway points, including insights from many of the women. 

The big question: HOW DO I MOVE THROUGH MY FEAR AND INTO COURAGE? See our nuggets below to try for yourself. 

  • Baby steps. Take one step at a time. 
  • Create a tribe of women who embrace you and will guide you in finding your courage.
  • FEEL your fear. Let yourself embrace where you are at any given moment. Release the resistance.
  • Breathe and pause to reflect on what fear is holding you back.
  • Develop a plan to take action, one step at a time.
  • Release emotions through vibrations - crying, laughing, singing, chanting. Let yourself be cleansed.
  • Celebrate your small steps along the way.
  • Say no. Give yourself and others boundaries. 
  • Talk it out. 

What fear has been holding you back? Comment below and include how you will move through this fear and into courage.

Photo Credit: Lara Gabrielsen of Exhilaration Photography