the story


Light. Free. Joyful. Alive. Vibrant. Real. Authentic. Mindful. Deep Peace. Loved. Supported. Aligned. Full. Whole. Understood. Creative. Connected. Felt. Seen. Heard. Here.

These words describe the me I’ve come to know over the past decade. She has unraveled through pain, tears, confusion and gentle, tender self love. She is the true essence of my soul and she knows the depths my spirit. She holds herself with grace, trusts her insides and speaks softly to her inner self. She moves beyond the image once projected to the world, that image that stole her light. The image upheld by perfectionism, ego, negative thinking, fear, ‘shoulds’, and always, always saying yes. That woman 10 years ago hid herself from the world. Why? Because she was like most of the world, she was scared to be truly seen.



I was scared of feeling. I was afraid of pain. I was terrified of letting people down. I was scared of not being ‘good enough.’

I was scared of what I might find if I dug a bit deeper. So I covered up my wounds and put on my mask. I didn’t know the real me because she was lost somewhere in the midst of trying to ‘hold it all together’. I was living through fake smiles, trying to control it all, perfecting anything I could get my hands on and I was lost.

But deep down, I knew there was more. There was a longing for authentic connection and profound trust in this journey. There was a desire for freedom, for genuine joy, for unwavering peace. I knew I could find it and from that place of desire, I dove into a deep discovery of self.

For over a decade, I spent my free time reading every self help book there was. I threw myself into therapy the first year I started college. I signed up for personal development classes and workshops. I studied Psychology & Sociology. I attended meditation courses and silent reflection seminars. I asked anyone I met how their heart felt. I developed a non negotiable spiritual practice. Yoga & meditation became my personal retreat; my sanctuary of joy and peace. I created S P A C E for inquiry.

My friendships changed, my connections grew deeper, and my soul started to expand.

I didn’t know it then, but I was coming home. Home to my authentic self. Home to the woman I was truly born to be. Home to a life of truth. Home to my very own heart.

Throughout that decade I followed the music of my heart. I started by living in Spain and Mexico and followed the call to teach Spanish in Arizona where I developed a Be You Club. A club for high school girls to develop their authentic selves & truly connect on a deeper level. I went on to create Zen Bird Bands- yoga headbands to remind us of the power of our thoughts & to choose the authentic ones filled with self love & non judgement. I left my public school teaching job to educate women on a soulful level of living authentically & finding their HOME.

Fast Forward to today. I now host events and seminars on mindfulness and meaning. I am a coach for men and women desiring a deep connection to their soul essence. I am as honest & vulnerable with my clients as they are with me and I can remember vividly how it felt to start the journey of coming home to my truth. Scary. Daunting. Impossible.

Let me tell you right now, it’s possible.

Let me tell you again, it’s possible.

That life you’re dreaming of... that light, free & present place you’re desiring within your soul, it’s possible.

I believe in living with your whole heart, accepting yourself & others for who they truly are, flowing through each stage with ease & grace and letting go to enjoy your story.  

My clients are souls who desire a shift in their lives.

Those who feel trapped in their own bodies unable to expand.

Those who crave deep self love and acceptance.

Those who want to stop feeling guilty for slowing down and saying no.

Those who are unsure of their path ahead and crave trust.

Those who need a bit more structure to actualize their goals.

Those who simply want to know it’s possible.

And if you’re interested in the next step of forward movement in your life, read about my 3 month coaching program here.

I’m telling you, you are worthy and you are free.